Living Your Best Story

January 17, 2021

Living Your Best Story

                                            Photography Samuel Chenard
"When you get right down to it, intentional living is about living your best story." John C. Maxwell

Living intentionally is the decision to make  purposeful and deliberate choices. This requires a balance between the rational considerations of the mind and the intuitive inner voice that makes you feel alive. I would suggest we have forgotten how to be comfortable and confident about what our heart and intuition is telling us. Do we not hear that inner voice? Can we no longer see the direction that our internal compass is pointing?

  • we second guess our inner voice...
  • we poll other’s opinions...
  • we search Google...
  • we make spreadsheets…

We think that if we haven’t researched every option, mapped out every consideration, we believe we can’t possibly make an informed decision and therefore will be doomed to failure. But what if failure is the path upon which learning occurs? Sure, it's painful perhaps, but sometimes so much more effective and necessary to get us to the next point of decision.

Should our fear of failure be allowed to take precedence and we only live according to some perceived rationale? In effect we are attempting to live someone else’s best story.

Focus on what matters to you most, choices made with this in mind are the powerful choices that you won’t have to regret later and that lead to a purposeful and deliberate path as you live your own best story… and living it intentionally. 

Our choices require a balance of both that inner voice within your heart AND the the rational mind. I would love to hear what your experience has been, leave a comment and let me know!




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