Lonestead Range understands your passion for the lifestyle of the iconic West. Recognizing your appreciation for artisan leather goods, Lonestead Range creates fine leather furnishings that look more like trophies of nature, as individual as you and all the men and women of the West.

At the root of all we do, lives a sense of awe for the spirit of the West. The fall Aspens of the San Juans, the sea of Bluebonnets in the Texas Hill Country, the brief but glorious bloom of the Montana summer—their beauty is raw and magnificent, lacking nothing.

We pay homage to nature's artistry by creating for you, fine leather furnishings that combine natures' array of color with its timeless pattern of textures. Using hand-selected artisan leather, together with accents such as antler tines and turquoise slabs, we create statement pieces that are not only built to endure their usefulness, but that also reflect your sophistication and confident style.

We never compromise exceptional for average, distinctive for common, nor bold for the faint-hearted. We take heed of the landscapes all around us and design each leather furnishing with you in mind. Every Lonestead Range piece already has a home; it's simply waiting for you to venture out and discover it. Be the first to pre-order our one-of-a-kind leather goods, by signing up for the Lonestead Range Newsletter so that we can offer them to you first, before they become available online!  But while you are here, check out our bags, you won't be disappointed!



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