Leather Tote Bag, the best designer tote bag for travel! - The Navajo Peak II

For true explorers, climbing the Navajo Peak in the Indian Peak Wilderness is beautiful and rugged. but worth your effort! So to, is this stunning Navajo Peak leather tote bag, more compact than our larger tote bags, allowing you to carry it without hesitation on all occasions. You will never have to leave any of your "have to haves" behind with this artisan-made genuine leather tote bag, featuring a beautiful and rugged birchwood interior floor. This handcrafted medium-size luxury bag is beautiful in design and able to withstand the everyday rigors of your life, the best designer tote bag for travel! The inside was designed just for you, it is as beautiful as the outside, which was designed for you and everyone else...enjoy!
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  • you will appreciate the ease of opening & closing the magnetic closure with one hand 
  • keep your keys handy while attached to the interior swivel hook
  • store your tablet or files in the interior quilted pocket with a magnetic closure
  • keep your small items readily accessible in the smaller interior quilted pockets
  • If you can fit it in, this tote bag can carry it! The birchwood interior floor of the bag provides the strength
  • sit your tote bag wherever you desire and it stays upright on 5 bag feet, no more slouching bags laying on the floor where your belongings end up falling out!
  • height: 10 inches  
  • width: 11 inches  
  • depth: 3.5 inches 
    • navajo pattern - hand painted - embossed genuine leather 
    • genuine cowhide dark brindle
    • 100% quilted cotton lining with leather pockets
    • turquoise colored embellishments
    • antique iron rings
    • birchwood